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Durante la reunión del equipo de organización del Jubilaeum celebrada en Roma en Febrero de 2018. Se eligío en logotipo que va a ser la seña de identidad gráfica de la comemoración de la fundación de nuestra comunidad.

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This is the goal that the whole Passionist Family has in its heart, in its soul and in its mind, whether consecrated or lay... In the Third Centenary of the Congregation (1720 – 2020), founded by Saint Paul of the Cross, the Passionist family wants to make a quantum leap and promote a new Call to Mission to form people by means of the Passion of the Apostles, Prophets and Witnesses of the love of Christ Crucified.


The Jubilee we propose to...



This is the word chosen to express appreciation and praise for our brothers and sisters who have gone before us, and who, until now, have been the origin of a huge outpouring of love. Thanks to them, the Congregation is now in 60 countries and 400 communities with thousands of projects of life...


This is the perspective from which the Passionists wish to view to the future.

This is our statement...


this is the conviction of men and women who raise their voices to ask for everyone what is necessary, expected and denounce injustice. Passionists who believe that it continues to be necessary in this world to fulfill God's dream. Prophets of every day who have the word and hope as their banner. Prophets who decry what does not work and announce the best solution. Who remember the infinite love of God who wants light to banish every shadow.  In this world of ours many people need words of affection, of tenderness, of comfort.


The Passionists are prophets who testify that even in suffering and the cross there exists redeeming power. We need passion to learn, create and connect with human beings.

With intention of being...

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